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Booking, Contact and Services

For booking info please shoot us an email. Our rider, equipment list, and press kit are available upon request.

We are available for bookings, shows, concerts, parties, musical collaborations, art installations/exhibitions, cruises or any other type of event. We also specialize in producing original music and other types of sonic material for internet, cinema, video-game, television and multimedia uses. Remixes and remixers are always welcome -- we value collaboration in all its varied forms.

Our professional recording studio & high-quality portable sound system are located in Santa Cruz, California, USA, and are available for use upon request.

həˈmə ng kyələs reks is

Ryan Morgan - Electric Bass, Acoustic Guitar, MIDI Bass, Synths
Josh Sonstroem - Laptop [Ableton] (Beats, Glitches, Synths, Samples), Controllers, Melodica, iPhone

Plus our numerous and invaluable guests, without whom our music would not be complete
John Bitter, Craig Prentice, Kevin Northcutt, Lucas Ehster, Phil Sherwood and many, many more...

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